Samuha is a partner of HUF (Hindustan Unilever Foundation) which supports a ‘Water For Public Good’ intervention with over 20 partners across India.
Samuha has demonstrated water conservation and management through diverse programmes and activities which includes watershed development, tank irrigation, integrated crop management, drip irrigation and participatory irrigation management.

Water Pressure is a centre for water enquires that has been established under the HUF-Samuha Partnership. It is managed by iSquareD, a charitable trust that was incubated by SAMUHA to explore social enterprises, Water Pressure is working to reimagine water.

As a vibrant body of shared research, field experiences and as a multi-stakeholder platform for innovations in water, we believe that these will amplify the voice for water.

The Main objectives of the programme are:

• Low water paddy and other crop culitvation in flood irrigated area.

• An integrated crop management package that saves Rs. 4059 per acre/season in addition to saving 2.4 million litres of water per acre of flood-irrigated NPM paddy .

• Pilot to explore community perspectives in water stewardship that can allow communities to raise CSR resources to become and remain Water+ has been initiated.
• Preparatory work for a pilot to monitor water inflow into a Field Irrigation Channel (FIC), and to allow farmers to manage this and receive equitable water through Participatory irrigation Management has been outlined.
• The design of water monitoring electronic devices for measuring wet/dry periods for SRI Paddy, as well as standing water has been outlined and is being prototyped.
• Internet TV/radio is being developed that will also serve as a digital village information board (VIB). This will allow audio and audiovisual material for farmers and their communities to be narrowcast to the project villages using Internet connectivity. This will later serve as a platform for water-centric sustainable development goals (SDGs);