Non Pesticide Management


Samuha began Non Pesticide Management (NPM) programme in 2008 with the objective of reducing cost of cultivation, less usage of chemicals and increased yield and better marketing services.

SAMUHA is a founder-member of a national network that promotes NPM (non-Pesticide Management) cropping. It focuses on NPM Paddy. Its integrated crop management system built around its NPM practices has helped farmers to save over Rs 4000 per acre from their cost of cultivation, and another Rs 3000 per acre from farm gate procurement.

A shift from the present HEIDA {(High External Inputs Destructive Agriculture) paddy cultivation practices that introduce unacceptable levels of chemicals and systemic synthetics into the food chain} to NPM (non-pesticide management) paddy cultivation practices can allow farmers to feed themselves and consumers without poisoning either themselves or their own environment, and become the single largest factor that can result in reduced water usage in Indian agriculture.