Cooking is Easy with CDM Cookstove

Chikkmanapura is a revenue village in Vankalkunta Hobli in Yelburga Taluk, inhibits 200 families. The main occupation is farming; farmers grow jowar, minor millets, green gram, and tur under rain-fed conditions.  Some farmers have bore well and they cultivate groundnut, fruit and vegetable for seeds.


Samuha held a public meeting where team oriented and demonstrated the working of the cook stove. Devamma (w/o of Pakirappa Kongi) who is a recipient CDM cook stove from Samuha says “The stove which they showed did not convince us”. The team again had a one to one demonstration of the stove and this was a turnaround for her family members. They insisted that they should have a Chulika at home, but Devamma had her own inhibitions and she was worried about the stove opening which was very narrow, and thus thought that cooking will be very slow as less firewood has to be placed in the opening. Samuha team assured her and gave her the stove for a day on a trial basis.


Devamma cooked for the entire family on the cook stove and was elated at the result. She decided to have the cook stove installed. Today she cooks rotis, sweets and also heats water in a big vessel for bathing.

Devamma recalls” My house does not have a chimney and with the traditional stove the entire house is used to be covered with smoke. If children switch on fan the smoke used to engulf the entire room and we were unable to sit in the house. The walls were black due to the soot and had to whitewash the walls very frequently. After the chulika stove installation our lives are far better, cooking is a joy as there is no heat emitted from the stove and consumes very less firewood.”


Consumption of firewood is reduced, and cooking is faster compared to the traditional stove. Devamma runs a flour mill in her house and women who come for flour are shown the CDM cook stove. She also explains the benefits of owning the stove. She through her efforts has got 25 installations for CDM Cookstoves.