Assessment and follow-up clinics: These clinics provide assessment, counseling and help each client with a customized action plan that can include physio inputs, referral for medicines and surgeries, support for treatments.

Early intervention services for children with disabilities: New–borns and infants are provided structured space, inputs and counseling to identify and cope with disabilities at the earliest.

Short-stay camps: These are conducted for children with severe and multiple disabilities where they and carers work together to learn customized skills for day-to-day management.

Provision of aids and appliances: Three aids & appliances workshops in Raichur, Deodurg and Koppal enhance functional abilities and self confidence of children/people with disabilities who are trained to use prosthetic limbs, wheel chairs, tricycles, physiotherapy aids, hearing aids, amongst others, that are individually fitted.

Centre for spinal injuries: A centre for Spinal Injuries has been set up at Hosur Cross between Budhgumpa and Kushtagi on NH 13 to promote social inclusion of persons with spinal cord injuries. People with spinal chord injuries stay at this residential centre till they are equipped to function indepnedntly within the limits of their disabilities.

Carers training and support:Samarthya recognizes that carers are often unsung heroes, who have at times devoted their lives to ensuring that the disabled in their care become independent. Samarthya enables carers to recognize the contribution they are making to the person they are caring for and to the wider society, to meet together for emotional support, and to enhance their quality of life through appropriate livelihood activities.

Home based therapeutic services and supports: This intervention focuses on the mentally challenged and children with cerebral palsy.

Functional adaptation of homes of PWDs: For many people with disabilities, the road to independence is strewn with physical hurdles, starting right from their own homes. The building of a ramp, a raised bed a rope to pull themselves, a toilet, a wall support ... each can help make life literally bearable.