While more and children with disabilities are being integrated into government schools, there is a need to strengthen both the teacher and the child with training, learning aids, and other supports that make the school into a learning environment. Specific inputs focus on the visually impaired and provide communication and language skill training for the hearing impaired.
4370 people from NGOs, government departments and other community members received guidance and exposure on disability issues at the Community Resource Centre for the Disadvantaged. 850 AN Ms, ASHA workers, ICDS teachers and NGOs received training in early identification and screening.

  • Disability awareness: posters and pamphlets on disability issues and sign language charts are being printed and distributed in various networks.
  • The awareness campaign has caught up and has been publicised in schools, colleges, and public places Cultural programmes were conducted for World Disability Day, World Mental Health Day; and World Deaf Week.
  • Street theatre: Deaf Children along with other disabled children performed 21 street theatre shows across schools and communities .
  • FM radio, Hospet broadcasted disability issues and information and success stories of Samarthya's work on the radio. Kannada Kala Sangha and Orthopedic Association of Bangalore urban district invited our Cultural troop to perform at their events.
  • Deaf Young People (DYP) advocacy: In 2014,120 deaf young people and their parents met the Deputy Commissioner .This allowed them to procure 38 hearing aids. The parents also recommended the appointment of sign language teachers in schools and the need for employment opportunities for deaf young people.
  • Inclusive education: Training to 520 ICDS/ School teachers/ and training on Nutrition, Screening and Disability to 250 ASHA and health workers.
  • 12 staff trainings conducted to refresh and review various care and rehabilitation therapies and management.
  • Samarthya has been able to mainstream 300 deaf children, 34 deaf youth and 32 children with visual impairment in 2014-15.Twenty three deaf young people were selected for Computer and English training at Samarthanam NGO at Dharwad and received placement at Akshya Patra Foundation Dharwad.Twelve deaf young people completed their SSLC examination in 2014-15.