Capacity-building and Vocational Training
Capacity Building and Vocational training is an important aspect in ensuring independent and economic stability for people with disabilities. Samarthya believes that vocational training courses will help in developing skills much need for livelihood security
VRW (Village Rehabilitation Worker) /MRW (Multi-purpose Rehabilitation Worker) Training: Village Rehabilitation and Multi-purpose Rehabilitation Workers Training for 220 people in Raichur for prevention of disabilities, networking and government schemes.
• Capacity-building trainings were conducted for 228 DYPs, parents and other SHG members.
• Six community members completed the Portage course for early child care and development.
• For students of Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy, from Queens University, Canada spent four weeks at Samarthya, training our staff with latest techniques and information.

Horticulture Training
18 trainees were trained in horticulture in 2014-15. In addition to their course on horticulture, they were provided with calipers, wheelchairs, as required. The trainees also attended the Agricultural Mela organized by Dharwad Agriculture University as an exposure-visit. Currently seven of the trainees have been placed at jobs.

Tailor Training
The tailoring course for women with disabilities and caregivers living in vulnerable conditions benefitted 45 women in 2014-15. In addition, women were given sewing machines and 35 of them are now earning money and running their homes independently.
Refresher courses were also conducted for our previous trainees by our resource person Mr. Rajavalli who himself is a deaf person and a successful tailor.

Income generation activities such as envelope making, papad making, crafts, stitching bed covers, baby clothes, etc were held through the year for deaf young people and caregivers. Taining on other vocations such as sheep rearing and vermi-compost making to people with disabilities were conducted