Micro Credit

Micro Credit is the extension of very small loans to the rural poor of India, who are outside the formal banking system. These credit facilitates self employment projects there by increasing their economic level. Micro Credit has brought about new paradigm shift in the rural poverty alleviation.

Samuha has a network of  2026 SHGs who have been benefitted through micro credit. Now there is an increased ability to generate income, development of the saving habit, and easy access to credit.

The processes of collectivization through the savings and credit groups, has led women to contribute economically to the family, had enlarged their role in the family and the community.

Samuha’s has formed JanaraHana, people’s money, which is the rural micro credit resource group. JanaraHana assists women members of thrift self-help groups to access credit from banks

Currently 2026 SHGs from 373 villages are linked to Micro Credit and through this Rs.17.83 crores credit has been disbursed.