We do not turn to doctors now!


Here it is an another standpoint of the project as a farmer-woman accomplished something good from it. Mundaragi is a village, 22kms away from Deodurga taluka, where as many as 350 households are living.  SAMUHA-HUF initiated its operations in the village 5 years ago with 13 small and  marginal farmers providing 

training and guidance for growing paddy by using  less water and non-pesticide management.


Women play a vital role in agricultural activities in India. They are significantly involved in from  transplanting; weeding to harvesting. With the advent of Green Revolution the increase in usage of chemical fertilisers and pesticides has led to deteriorating health among the women farmers. Some of the fertilisers can be life threatening.  

The HUF-Samuha project has also succeeded in safeguarding women from succumbing to such toxic chemicals.Women who work  in agriculture are facing multiple ailments such as burning sensation in legs and hands, giddiness, skin diseases, and respiratory issues etc., due to the fertilizers used in the field for high returns. Hanumanthi Durugappa Mundargi, one of the beneficiaries of the project who has been with the project for  the last five years and has immensely benefitted by the project. The project aims to aims to reduce the water consumption and usage of chemical fertilizers in  paddy cultivation through trainings and demonstrations,  thereby enhancing the skills of the farmer community to adopt improved methods and lead a healthy life

Hanumathi shared her happiness here: “I am Hanumanthi. I have two children and my husband died a decade ago. I am trying to provide a healthy and good future for my children with my earnings from the cultivation in two acres of land since then. Both the children are studying.

Earlier, we extensively used  chemical fertilisers due to poor awareness and knowledge.

She Says “We used to close our noses while sprinkling TG tablets that was causing  respiratory problems, skin diseases, open wounds due to itching. Irregularity to work due to ailments We had to lose our wages falling sick and going for the treatment. Due to burning sensation, I couldn’t get sleep during the night. I was always feeling low. Despite losing my wages which is around Rs.1500-2000 I was also spending Rs.1000-1500 for the treatment. Financial burden due to medical expenses and ailments increased,

My fortunes changed once the SAMUHA-HUF included me in the group, where I learned improved methods of cultivation  does ensure better profits.

I  grow paddy which consumes less water and use  no chemical fertilizers After shifting to the NPM method of cultivation  I didn’t experience any health problems, More importantly we do not turn to doctors now. I am saving not less than Rs. 3000-4000 because we don’t use chemical fertilizers or any other pesticides and having no reasons to miss out the works. We, now, just use the Panchagavya, the cow urine, Neem, and cow dung. Now the soil is healthy and me too.” She commented delightfully.”